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Never be unprepared

On every college campus, students need certain products right away! During these moments, stores are either too far or closed, or students just don't have the time or energy to travel. Traditional delivery platforms take too long because students and professionals are located in buildings or on campuses not easily accessible by the public.

By stocking students with the right products, we enable super fast delivery via decentralized distribution. Sellers or "Jetpackers" can make extra cash just by going about their normal, daily activities around campus and fulfilling real-time orders.

How it Works

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Need caffeine to power through an all-nighter? Forgot your phone charger at home? Intense hangover? Get whatever you need any at time of the day!

Wait for your Jetpacker

Our fleet of delivery people (Jetpackers) are pre-stocked with products that you need so that you can get what you need in less than 15 mins.

Get back to your life!

Let us worry about getting you what you need so that you can focus on what's important to you!
It's that simple!

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Become a Jetpacker to make extra cash in your spare time (and make people's day while you're at it!)

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Great product! I don't think I would have made it through finals without Jetpack.

Louis Stanford Grad Student

The coffee cubes were fantastic! I told all my friends about Jetpack on our house GroupMe. Now trying to order more!

Raphael Stanford Student

I honestly wish I had Jetpack when I was in college! The possibilities of Jetpack's growth span far and wide.

Clifton Republic investor